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We understand the complex needs of professional athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. Our team of experienced professionals work hand-in-hand to provide high-quality services to assist you and your family.

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Suite of Services

Our bookkeeping services provide you with the transparency necessary to monitor your monthly activity and keep you on track for your long term goals. Our team categorizes all of your income and expenses into annual condensed statements that simplify tax preparation and provide the backbone for our cash management services. Our thorough bill pay process removes the headache and hassle of managing timely invoices and payments while still ensuring you have complete control and approval of your finances. We coordinate the payment of all of your bills so you never miss a due date.

We understand how busy and complex your life is. That is why we offer a fleet of concierge services designed to take the hassle out of travel planning, relocation, vehicle shipments, entertainment and family matters. Over the years, we have managed deep and varied requests from our clients and their families. As the saying goes, “we’ve seen it all” and we are readily prepared to assist in managing your endeavors while providing you and your family with peace of mind.

Our team will create and manage a financial plan to allocate current and future income towards expenses, debt repayment, savings and investments. Budgeting is critical in preparing you to navigate short term obstacles while balancing long term goals. We have developed a systematic review process to monitor cash flow that allows you to maintain your lifestyle and continue saving for the future.

Our timely reporting details all aspects of your financial world. We actively analyze fluctuations and discrepancies in order to create the most useful report possible. Our experienced team highlights your activity as it relates to your goals and continually monitors your accounts.

At each stage of your life, we work with you to ensure your estate is safeguarded for generations to come. Our team specializes in trust administration, estate planning, multi-generational wealth transfer and collaborates with your private legal counsel* to oversee the preparation of estate documents for you including wills, trusts and health directives. Together we coordinate a plan that is consistent with your financial goals and intentions.

*Clients must provide own legal counsel

Our advisors work with you to outline your personal and financial goals and plan for your retirement. Together we will analyze and review all aspects of your financial situation, outline a plan, and make recommendations on how best to achieve your goals. We will continually check in and review your status to ensure it continues to incorporate changes in your life and is in accordance with your overall plan for retirement.

We help you to identify the philanthropic values and interests you have and connect those with your giving. We will assist you in creating a plan and recommend the proper avenues for charitable giving. Our focus includes individual giving, donor advised funds, endowments and standalone foundations. We assist in the creation of foundation organizations and financial documents in order to ensure a successful future.

Our focus has always been on creating and maintaining an open architecture platform for our clients. For fixed income and equities, we use third party managers with a range of investment opportunities and a disciplined investment process. We also manage and operate our own proprietary credit, real estate and venture funds.

Building financial security requires careful management of personal liabilities. Whether you are buying a home, purchasing a car or establishing a line of credit, TRUE Cresset | Sports + Entertainment will assist you with your financing needs. In addition, protecting your credit is critical to acquiring appropriate financing. We partner with programs to monitor and maintain your credit rating in order to maximize your borrowing power.

Our deep relationship with private banks and financial institutions provides you with a team of experienced professionals who offer integrated banking solutions delivered with the highest level of service. Whether managing credit, deposits or cash, your client relations managers customize solutions that meet your banking needs.

Managing Real Estate is an important part of your overall wealth. We assist you with a wide range of services related to your real estate transactions. Our team provides consulting services associated with contract negotiation, financing, due diligence and advisory oversight of the execution of purchases and sales of various types of property.

Planning for the unexpected may be the most difficult aspect of wealth management. We believe that it is critical for you to be prepared for the unknown. We work with asset protection specialists and insurance providers to assist in minimizing your risk and protecting your assets. Our areas of focus include life, health, disability and property and casualty insurance.

Tax planning is essential to the development and execution of your overall financial plan. We offer year round tax planning – not just end of year compliance. We work to create optimal tax savings by teaming up with agents, accountants and outside advisors to understand your complete tax picture. Our services include research and consulting on various tax matters, annual tax preparation and managing tax audits and inquiries on your behalf. Our partnerships with your team and our outside tax specialists ensure your tax liabilities are minimized and deductions are maximized.

“Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

John Wooden

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