We go beyond traditional
financial management.

Beyond Traditional

As an independent family office, we not only manage our clients’ investment portfolios, but also present distinctive opportunities and provide objective advice that is broader than what traditional banking and brokerage firms can provide.

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Real Estate

Deep-Rooted Cresset Relationships: We leverage our long term relationships with industry leading developers to secure off-market opportunities with advantageous structures.

Skilled Asset Management Team:  Our team has specific development and construction experience, actively working to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve overall outcomes.

Flexibility & Speed: Our flexibility and speed allow us to capture desirable investments and execute our business plans effectively.

Geographic Diversification

Diversify your assets and aim to earn the significant returns associated with high-quality institutional real estate investments.

Private and Venture Capital Opportunities

We provide exclusive opportunities and access to high-potential investment opportunities through private capital and venture capital partners and our expansive network in technology, sports, and entertainment.

Direct Investments

We invest in family-owned, founder-led businesses that are well positioned in their industries and have strong prospects for long-term growth or industry disruption.

Venture Funds

We offer curated venture capital fund investments on advantageous terms.

Strategic Partnerships

Through our active participation, we can add value to the companies that we invest in. We have a deep network in sports, entertainment, and technology that we can leverage to propel investments forward.

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